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Best Waterproof Makeup

Some days, no wait, most days call for waterproof makeup. There’s so many things our makeup has to fight against; weather, sweating, rainy days, crying, and best of all - swimming! I’ve always felt confident about these products below - they’ve gotten me through the hardest days of my life while still looking glamorous! But when I had a photoshoot the other day that took place in a literal milk bath and everything still stayed put. I knew I was ready to make this blog post. MY TOP 4 ESSENTIAL WATERPROOF MAKEUP PRODUCTSDior Show Iconic in Waterproof Maybelline New York Super Stay 24 Color Lipcolor Tarte Waterproof Eyelash Glue M.A.C Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour Shade (Red Jade) Stila Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

Dior Show Iconic in Waterproof

Maybelline New York Super Stay 24 Color Lipcolor

Tarte Waterproof Eyelash Glue
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Bows in Black & White

Ways to bow: - Cardigan Buttons - Shower Curtain - Hair (literally) - Heel Ankle Strap - Purse Strap - Dog collar - End of pen
xo, Jolie

7 Spring Favs : Easy Must-Do's

What I love about spring is that it's flirtatious, it's peppy, and it's easy. It's energetic and exciting in a way that's rambunctious in a good way. In fact, I find myself wanting to be all of those things as well.  

Flirtatious, peppy, energetic, exciting, and rambunctious! 
It's May and before spring melds slowly into Summer, I always like to capture the bouncy moments of the season while I can! It's a time for peppy large arrangements of peonies (my absolute favorite spring flower) or bold arrangements with pops of brightly colored tulips! Before the summer heat creeps in, now is when I love to

1. Eat meals out on the porch
2. Take phone calls in the garden
3. Take walks immediately after spring rain has hit!
4. Change out my linens to bright colors and light textures
    - duvet cover
    - kitchen towels
    - table cloth

Because scent is a major part of spring I also love;
1. Big bouquets of fragrant flowers

2. Using really lovely floral cleaning…

Spring Playlist

You hoo! It's also found here! /// :

Blossoming from Grief

In 2017 I lost my darling husband, Jason Musick, in a tragic accident, changing my life within seconds. It seems almost needless to say, but after such a tremendous, heart-shattering loss, many parts of my life were put on hold, this blog included.

Truth told I wasn't sure how to proceed with my blog; much of it was based on my life as it existed before his death. The parties we threw, the dinners we cooked, the house we made a home, the vintage lifestyle we lead, the music we enjoyed together. To me those were the products of our love, the promise that we would live a full life together saying "yes" always, especially to the magic life had to offer. Much of the entries, though they were intended to apply to anyone in a relationship or not, were none-the-less from my perspective which was lovingly based on my marriage and partnership that had been in the making for 12 years. How does one write about doing wifely things when one is no longer a wife? My identity as a wife…

Hectic Schedule; how to deal!

Starting Over in The Fall
I've always loved this article from the now gone, Matchbook Magazine. For many people, Autumn brings the promise of something new. I for one, tend to think of Autumn as the actual new year! It's when I am apt to make big decisions and prepare for new changes as if I am turning over a new leaf, so-to-speak. Part of that preparation includes readying my home for the upcoming seasons.

Now, I say these things, but I've come up against something usual. Every year when I come home from my annual Summer tour I take a few days to re-group. First I sleep for a day. Then I do absolutely nothing for a day except binge watch something. Next day, I clean the house, I stock the fridge, I get my plans in order, I do the laundry and unpack, I "become a person" again as I like to call it. I get my life, my home, and my career ready for me to be back. It's the ONLY way for me to regain my sanity.

And then I indulge in decorating my house for Autumn.

Autumn Playlist

I'll admit it, I'm a sucker for a change in season, especially the transition from Summer to Autumn. One of my favorite things to do is hop in the car, put on Autumnal tunes, grab a delicious pumpkin beverage, and visit all my favorite decor shops to see what's new for Fall. Slowly purchasing one new item per year has now left me with a beautiful collection of seasonal items, making it very easy to turn over my decor from beachy Summer vibes, to a cozy and crisp home-sweet-home.

So here it is, my Autumn playlist, perfect for listening to while hitting all your favorite Fall bucket list activities! It's great while

- cooking
- hosting a dinner party
- decorating
- reading a book

all kinds of Autumnal things! Enjoy! xo, Jolie Goodnight
Autumn Play List:

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