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Hectic Schedule; how to deal!

Starting Over in The Fall

I've always loved this article from the now gone, Matchbook Magazine. For many people, Autumn brings the promise of something new. I for one, tend to think of Autumn as the actual new year! It's when I am apt to make big decisions and prepare for new changes as if I am turning over a new leaf, so-to-speak. Part of that preparation includes readying my home for the upcoming seasons.

Now, I say these things, but I've come up against something usual. Every year when I come home from my annual Summer tour I take a few days to re-group. First I sleep for a day. Then I do absolutely nothing for a day except binge watch something. Next day, I clean the house, I stock the fridge, I get my plans in order, I do the laundry and unpack, I "become a person" again as I like to call it. I get my life, my home, and my career ready for me to be back. It's the ONLY way for me to regain my sanity.

And then I indulge in decorating my house for Autumn.

Finding Yourself in Chaos

However this month is odd! As I find myself unable to say no to opportunities or unable to say no to people who need my help immediately...I'm also saying "no" to myself. How do I find balance and regroup when I haven't had a day off in 7 weeks? I took a look at my calendar to find I don't have another day off until Oct 11th. This is a bit out of control.

Let's be real for a second - I still haven't unpacked my suitcases, laundry is piled high (oh-so-high) in the laundry room, my fridge is a hodgepodge of weird items (what is that back there?), I fell asleep today while writing an email (literally! face on the keyboard!) my dog still needs to go to the vet, and my attitude today was less than charming.

How To Regain Your Routine When Things Are Hectic

Ah ha! I recognize this condition! I have already committed myself to things, so there's no turning back now, BUT I do have some options.

1. Do one thing a day in the house over 2 weeks instead of over 2 days
2. "Play Hooky" for one hour a day. Turn off your phone. Take a nap or a walk. No one can need you if they can't get ahold of you. They can wait an hour, and they'll enjoy talking to you more in an hour!
3. Order grocery delivery (the fee does add up, but time = sanity.)
4. Wake up one hour earlier to give yourself more time to NOT be working
5. Eliminate! Make a list. Is there something you can absolutely cancel or do without? Can you move an appointment or change plans?
6. Strive for grace not perfection.
7. Say no for a while.

Now take a look at your normal routine. What things are most important to you?
- Exercise
- Eating Well
- Sleep
- Quality Time
- A Clean House

Simplify those just until you can get things in order! Once things slow down a bit, you'll be glad!


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