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Breast Cancer Benefit and Burlesque Beauties

If you live in the San Diego area, or anywhere near it like LA, you should attend this; STARRING: Legendary burlesque headliner CATHERINE D’LISH! * Mynx d’Meanor * Lady Borgia * Hell on Heels * Sabrina Belly Dancer * Bobbie Burlesque (LA’s king of BOYlesque) * Sophia Sirena (LA’s newest burlesque starlet) *Miss Jolie Goodnight* I can't wait to do this benefit! To prepare for it I've been working like a beast on my costume. I'll post photos once I have some. Meanwhile, feast your eyes on these beautiful burlesque images!

"A man's got to believe in something. I believe I’ll have another drink."-W.C. Fields

If you haven't had the pleasure of watching W.C. Fields, watch the video above. "It's a gift," has been part of my life since the very moment I was birthed into this odd world. Strange as it may sound, when life is giving me a hard time, or rather people are irritating me, I think of W.C. Fields and suddenly the world becomes much funnier. This movie makes me laugh so hard that my nose sniffles and tears stream. W.C. Fields is my coping mechanism. With my dad's cancer surgery tomorrow looming over my head, I thought it a good idea to post images of people my dad loves. He really has the best, worst, and the silliest taste in comedy. Dad's taste in comedians and writers has shaped me into the kind of woman who enjoys impossibly awkward moments, sharp wit hidden inside of quiet mumbles, crankiness, and people who surpass the limits of silly toward the boundaries of absurdity. He's the best. You can and should read his blog Letters from Graceyland because

To-Do List Tuesday, March 24, 2009

1. Study for Logic Exam (even though it makes me absurdly cranky to do so) 2. Read; La Biographie d'Emile Zola ; La Bonheure des Dames by Emile Zola to page 156 3. Cook Dinner 4. Drift into a lovely sleep List Muses { 1 }{ 2 }{ 3 }{ 4 }


"I've been on a calendar, but I've never been on time. " -Marilyn Monroe Found { 1 }{ 2 }{ 3 via mary ruffles }

Nobody minds having what is too good for them -Jane Austen

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In spite of Conflicting Passions

"It was a frantic fog," said Bianchon, "a fog unparalleled, doleful, melancholy, sea-green" - Balzac Le Pere Goriot . Found { 1 }{ 2 }{ 3 }


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I love the regal appeal of men's shoes. found: { 1 }{ 2 }{ 3 }

Easter Excitement {1}

{found} B U N N Y

An Important Guest

With April approaching I'm beginning to miss Texas seasons. San Diego is beautiful I admit, however it's too beautiful. More and more I read blogs of people who long for spring. In San Diego it's always spring and frankly I miss seasons. Now, that's not to say that Texas has particularly gradiose seasons but they do exist. I miss when that smell of fall comes along with the onset of deadening orange, red, and maple colored leaves mixed with the smell of pumpkin pies drifting from people's windows. Fall is replaced by a wet winter that wouldn't be cold except the water drops in the air freeze the end of your nose and toes. The hill country is spotted with dead trees and evergreens and graying wooden fences. And the sidewalks are covered in Santas with cowboy hats. Everyone's home has Christmas lights (the joy of being in the Bible belt.) February to mid march is the season of wellingtons, colorful umbrellas, and neon green foliage enhanced by the never e

my pansies

Jason left on Tuesday and I tried to plant the pansies. As I planted one box, carefully selecting a narrow hole for each plant to reside, solitude got the best of me and I began to cry. So I thought it best to go ahead and put the shovel down. However today is a new day and after Kimberly made me watch this , I decided I was fully capable of planting the pansies and perhaps even the Ranunculus. I planted each and everyone of them while the smell of spray paint drifted in the air from a shed nearby and while Nina Simone's jazz notes swirled around every petal. I placed a clean table cloth on the coffee table, sacrificed my recycling tin bucket to the leftover pansies, and generated a thirst for fresh mojitos and cereal with blueberries.
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