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The elegence of a weenie dog

As I said in a previous post, Maisonette is about documenting my progress toward big goals. So it is essential that I write down all that I accomplished yesterday. Burlesque: 1. Reorganized the "Burlesque" folder on computer 2. Transfered all my photoshoot photos from my old computer to my new one 3. Began to brainstorm a trademark 4. Began making the Jolie Goodnight Burlesque website! 5. Brainstormed names for my burlesque collective Gardenia: 1. Posted photoshoot with Erica to facebook, 2. to the Gardenia blog, 3. and to the Gardenia website 4. Revamped the look of the Gardenia blog 5. Networked with a college friend who works at Green Pastures! (yay!) Home: 1. Cleaned the balcony (put away all my florist tubs, galvanized buckets, swept, cleaned off the table cloth, cleaned out ash tray) 2. Cleaned out my car (So many pairs of high heels!) 3. Watered my lavender plants 4. Cleaned out the fridge 5. Made a beautiful sausage on a bed of sauteed red bel

Inspired by haute couture

The auditions for the sci-fi Burlesque Show in Dallas are getting perpetually closer. Normally I tend to stick to more classic burlesque for my routines, so this theme threw me for a loop. In brainstorming, I wondered how I could stay true to my classic code, yet breaking out of my shell a bit, while maintaining the required Sci-fi theme. I decided haute couture would be my avenue, taking inspiration from the bizarre, the elegant, the alien, and the exaggerated.   Hopefully by next week I will have all of the materials to sew my cotume. 

Savin' my love for you!

Yesterday I had a jazz rehearsal with Floyd Domino. It is such a blessing to be able to work with Floyd as he has a tremendous talent for playing the piano and has worked with numerous successful artists. It is lovely to sing these old jazz standards with him because he understand that it's not about him or me, it's about the music.  Enjoy hearing this very rough, iphone recording of our rehearsal! This recording has 3 songs on it; Summertime, God Bless the Child, and Ain't Misbehavin'. Pardon the talking between songs, and some of my rougher moments of notes, pitches and such. That is just the nature of rehearsal. You gotta be able to laugh at your mistakes!


I hung up curtains and a curtain rod the other day in our bedroom. They are white opaque curtains that my mother used to have up in her bedroom. The effect is somewhat like this beautiful photo. Though I do wish I had a white or cream quilt/blanket/duvet. That would pull the whole thing together!
As a 25 year old it is that time in my life when I need a direction, a way to focus all of my talents and energies. Both a blessing and a curse, God gave me a desire to be talented at a lot of things. I've taken and taught dance lessons of all forms (tap, jazz, ballet, modern, hip hop, and drill team.) I'm a jazz singer, an actress, and a burlesque dancer. I am now a florist with my own business. I have a French major from the University of San Diego, and I am one semester away from a degree in theatre from St. Edward's University. I've taken graphic design, photography, and fashion design. I've been a costume designer, a 1940's-50's pinup model, as well as a seamstress. On top of all of this I am in love with all things literate - reading, writing, analyzing. I strive to be a perfect housewife, hostess, cook, baker, and crafter. While I am proud of myself -and while I recognize it is a beautiful thing to have the drive to do all of
I wish I knew where I found this photo!
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