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Burlesque in Dallas

I leave early morning for Dallas tomorrow for my burlesque show at the Lakewood Theatre. How magical would it be to have lights like those installed into my suitcase? Packing will be a challenge as I have to bring two costumes, stage makeup, stockings, heels, all the appropriate burlesque essentials, gloves, dresses, and fun accessories.        Jolie Goodnight performs with Viva Dallas             Viva Dallas Burlesque Presents: The SciFi Fantasty Show Lakewood Theatre 8:00pm Friday, October 1        Dallas, Texas

Glamour Time

  I have a show tonight with the fabulous Jigglewatts so it is time to put curlers in my hair, get a manicure and pedicure, pick out a wonderful vintage dress, and get glamorous! I am ready for shimmery eye shadows, body glitter, and deep red lipstick.  The Jigglewatts with Guest Star Jolie Goodnight Saturday 25th @ Red 7   10:00pm  

Costume inspiration

I am in love with these abundant layers of tulle. The "sugar bee" act is inspired by this dress as well as a Gucci mannequin in Nordstrom's. The mustard golds, buttery yellows, and deep blacks accented by lines and dots will look stunning in stage lighting. Saturday and Tuesday's shows are rockabilly themed so the skirt will be cropped and playful. However for the Animal Benefit on October 15th, I want to bring more elegance to the piece. Hence this gorgeous, long dress and petticoat.


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Relaxing after a long day of performance promo, graphic design, floral locations, and printing. Fluffy pillows, champagne, pink asters by the bedside, and of course luxurious bedding. Accomplished today: 1. Finished graphic design of promo envelope 2. Joined the pinup lifestyle network 3. Designated floral design areas at the Lakehouse 4. Printed 150 shipping labels 


The Louis Vuitton fall collection speaks to every glamorous bone in my body.  It's the burlesque dancer's ideal image of backstage. The gold damask chairs, framed stage mirrors, boxes of shoes emerging from tissue paper. It's the moment after the performance, the doning of an exquisite dress, silky gloves, and devine purse . 
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