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Still covered in glitter

We had a fabulous show last night! The girls and I had a delightful time on & off stage. It's always so thrilling to have a fabulous show, an enthusiastic audience, and a decadent party backstage.  I awoke this morning to find that I'm still covered in glitter.  Time for a bridal shower brunch with old friends, a perfect event for such a  hazy day, reminiscent of old Dior editorials. Time to exchange glitter for brunch , stockings for conversation, a gown for a sweet day dress, and cocktails for  warm cups of coffee. {Additionally} A big thank you to Stijl Mag for the fabulous article about Maisonette!

Sunday wrapped in grace

Sundays seem always to be wrapped in grace. Sunday mornings have softer edges and sweeter sounds. The elegance of Sunday comes from ease, as if the light clouds have steeped the air and made it more refined. Sunday morning's sounds are more delicate; church bells languidly ringing, magazine pages listlessly rustling, spoons tinkling against the side of coffee cups. This day will be more serene than the rest....the morning spent out on a terrace, watching the pollen gradually fall to the grass, the lemon trumpet vine in cadence with the wind.

c'est merveilleux

The past week has been extraordinary! I've begun a new project, causing me to go into the recording studio to record songs. C'est merveilleux to find myself in a new creative realm, challenging as it is, it's a fantastic challenge. Today I have a flurry of activity to do; picking up promotional posters from the printer, lunch with a dear friend, writing, then rehearsal with the girls.
It's been an extremely long work day for me and I'm exhausted. I've had a nice long bath, a wonderful time spent laughing with my husband, and a warm cup of milky hot chocolate.  I'm ready for sleep!  Don't both of these spaces look perfectly inviting, ready for  relaxation? 

a weekend in the country

Spending the weekend in the country luxuriating in a new book, taking long walks through the winter grass, and eating delicious food cooked on the campfire. Have a lovely & relaxing weekend my dears! xo, Jolie
As you might have noticed after my blog post last Friday, I seem to be on a lilac, pink,  and mauve kick. Perhaps it's the anticipation of Valentine's Day, or the desire to bridge  the gap between winter and fall. It's been extraordinarily cold for Texas this week & the dreary weather arrived just after a week of gloriously sunny days. Needless to say, we  were all unprepared.

Year of The Rabbit

May your year of the rabbit be filled with serenity, compassion, sincerity, and diplomacy! xo, Jolie 
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