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California, here I return!

Jet setting in the morning, headed for the sunny shores of San Diego. Looking forward to catching up on the glossy pages of magazines, looking out to see sunshine on the clouds, sipping a cocktail. Once there, it's a true whirl wind and I will be wisked away from the airport to be in a photoshoot. Currently unpacking the winter scarves still in the suitcase from Chicago, and  replacing them with vintage tropical dresses and flowing garments fit for the beach. I can't wait to have my toes snug in the sand. California, I've missed you so!

fluffy blankets, sweets, and mad men

Chicago was an absolute delight! Now that I'm home, I plan only to  lie in bed covered in fluffy blankets, eating sweets, and watching Mad Men. All day. I'm simply too exhausted to do anything else. 

cocktails at the Signature Lounge, Chicago!

Things are splendid in far it's been cocktails at the Signature Lounge,  magnificent cathedrals, glimpses of Chanel, stunning views of the city skyline from the 95th floor, and delightful speakeasies. It's been glorious to see Chicago through a champagne glass, the city a surreal palace of fashion and jazz. I'm always thrilled when the L train comes rushing overhead as it's a nostalgic icon of the city. Last night...burlesque, seeing friend from other cities. And tonight? More burlesque to come.

off to Chicago!

  My bags are packed and ready to go to Chicago! My suitcases are filled with furs, wool coats, gloves, hats, feather fans, garters, cocktail dresses, and heels. I couldn't be more ready or more excited! 
Yet another burlesque show tonight for SXSW. It's all been a  flurry of conversations, champagne, and costumes. Time for a petite nap, then off to the city for the show! March 11th, 2011 8pm-1am Emo's Austin , 603 Red River, Austin,TX DOORS open at 7pm Tickets available at the door $15 in street clothes / $10 in western steampunk costume FREE FOR ALL SXSW BADGE HOLDERS

thrilling things

Three absolutely thrilling things are happening this week; 1. My album is almost finished and it's beautiful 2. I'm performing four shows at SXSW 3.  I've been asked to write two articles for the next  issue of She! Magazine Happiness. 

finally the Dallas skyline

Soon, hitting the road, traveling to Dallas for the Viva Dallas burlesque Mardi Gras show! Spent the morning rehearsing, packing, enjoying a lovely cup of coffee, grabbing pillows, magazines, feather fans, and evening gowns. I love this moment, the moment right before I leave, once everything is packed and ready. I know what is coming...the windows rolled down, countryside, fresh air, stops for coffee, and finally the Dallas skyline.  Have a lovely weekend! xo, Jolie Ampere Goodnight

my burlesque life equation

March is thus far the busiest month of the year so it's essential to keep in mind how blessed I am to have such fabulous careers. In order to keep my creative careers continually moving in an effective direction, I rely on rather uncreative formulas to keep myself focused. writing 8 counts of songs + choreography + costuming + rehearsal + scheduling dates +  meetings + promotion + sewing + traveling + packing + organizing costumes + performing + recording in the studio = burlesque & singing But what are the equivalents to the variables in the equation? Because from the  outside it all looks rather boring, but when I break it down, I'm able to truely recognize how lucky I am to be able to do what I do. choreography < finding ways to express emotion through my body,  communicating in the most beautifully basic way.  costuming < working with the most luxurious fabrics and the most  opulent objects simply so they can be wrapped aro
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