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{Decadent Picnic Photo Shoot}

Spending the day gathering items for my "Decadent Picnic" shoot tomorrow with Angela Morales. The location is at the mid- century modern lakehouse belonging to my Godmother and it's absolutely stunning. The magazine we are shooting for loves a late 50's early 60's spirit so we are aiming for that gentle spring cocktail photo set. It's a lovely day today, blustering  cool winds blowing branches of blooming fruit trees, perfect for gathering pretty set pieces.  To Buy: Pink, gold, and blue balloons Two matching champagne bottles Strawberries A golden loaf of french bread Spring Flowers It's a great day for celebrating because last night I had a fantastic meeting with Mandy Lauderdale . Her voice is amazing and I am so thrilled that we have a special project in the works!

the sugared texture of sunny peeps

I have a new exciting project coming up soon, but for now, no work. It's time for play and family. I love the colors of this weekend; the matt crisp sides of  robin's egg blue dyed eggs, the sugared texture of sunny peeps, the soft fur of a peach spotted bunny, tangerine tulips sprouting out of a vintage vase,  rosy soft cotton gingham table clothes worn by the sun, mint green grass speckled with shiny bright goodies. Beginning the weekend by visiting my nefew's new  little baby chicks, then it's off to the market to buy spring vegetables and a  glazed ham for Easter brunch!  Have a splendid Easter Weekend! xo, Jolie 


I have such cause for celebration this week! I feel very honored to have won the Friday Night Audience Choice Award at the Texas Burlesque Festival as well as the Best Tease Award! I am so very blessed to have the support of my audience and of the fabulous burlesque legends, Tiffany Carter, Shannon doah, and Annie Sprinkle. What are whirlwind of a weekend! To add to my absolute joy I just completely my interview for Pin Curl Magazine . What a beautiful life! Thank you to everyone for believing in me! All of the performers of the festival were absolutely stunning and inspired me to take my acts to new heights. Oh, and that Perle Noire is a fabulous sight to see!  xo, Jolie Ampère Goodnight

Premier Texas Burleque Festival Night

A quick cup of tea, a petite sandwich & and pink gown, and I'm off to attend thefirst night of the Texas Burlesque  Festival. Though I don't perform until tomorrow  night, I'm happily anticipating tonight's show. This is such a lovely & talent filled festival. And as you know...burlesque is really simply one of my favorite things. Have you reserved your  ticket yet for this fabulous weekend?  Texas Burlesque Festival Tickets

"je suis prêt"

Rehearsals began this week for the Texas Burlesque Festival & I'm absolutely thrilled with our progress.  It's a true pleasure to be able to work with such talented and diligent ladies. After a  very hard week emotionally, "je suis prêt" to delve into my craft. It will be luxrious to not only to perform, but to watch all of the  talented ladies coming from all over the nation.  On another note; I'm enjoying many gilded details lately; the  edges of a champagne bottle label, the golden frame of a work of art, the caramel light created by an amber lamp shade interior, champagne detailing on the side of a piano.

{Palatial windows, lavish chandeliers, splendid cocktails}

The hotel at which I am staying delights me in many ways and  these are three of them; {1} Palatial large windows all open to a view of the most baronial, magnificent, extravagant fountains.   {2} Lavish chandeliers sparkling throughout the day & night {3} Splendidly crafted cocktails (I enjoyed the Sage Advice made up of Tanqueray Gin, X-Rated Fusion Liqueur, Sage Simple Syrpu, Lemon Juice, & Sage Leaf Garnish.) Needless to say we've been savoring the sound of water gently rushing, the creamy white bloom of magnolias, the scent of  honeysuckle in the nearby park. Husband and I have loved  ordering room service, crawling under feather duvets, & art  at the museums.

le bete noir & aggrandizement

Living in a hotel for a while has always been a quaint dream of mine, a dream I will be living for a bit as I take care of my Pops as he receives chemo treatments.  Some might think it in poor taste to romanticize life when in reality life for us is so hard. How can one possibly glamorize a life ridden with something so  horrific as 4th stage cancer? Yet I refuse the notion that we should wallow in  pain and  self pity. Of course it's all very shocking. Of course it's all very  devastating.  And of course we are all a little afraid. But what better to stave  away le "bete  noir" & dolor than aggrandizement ? I'm a firm believer in the idea of counting one's blessings and currently a lot of our blessings are aesthetic. This hotel is magnificent. It's marvelous to come through the turn style and be greeted by a staff that knows my name. It's divine to awake to a view of  bright white water fountains, to a plate of fresh

lay out a blanket on the plush verdure

The grasses have turned a stunning shade of green and there  are capacious amounts of voluminous blushing pink roses in every neighborhood and on every boulevard. So naturally the only thing my husband and I could do was to lay out a blanket on the plush verdure and let our heads rest on feather pillows and take a nap. Later I did some light spring cleaning and happily selected more spring appropriate linens for the beds. It's been glorious. I hope your weekend has been equally lush! xo, Jolie
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