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{a brisk photoshoot & market day}

The morning was filled with rushing around the house, applying makeup and ironing vintage dresses for my early 1960s inspired photoshoot. Most of the day was brisk. The photo shoot was swift; a pop of the champagne into a coup, a snappy decision about hats, rapid frames of catching the moment, & c'est fini! Next a lively jaunt to the market to pick up some fresh red snapper, peaches, spinach & wine...a few delectable staples to replenish the weeks groceries. Later, errands and cleaning. It's been the opposite of a typical Sunday! I had a quick jaunt through the market, quickly

{after the show...}

Last night I went to Paris...well, not exactly but our Parisienne themed show went marvelously! However I expended so much energy performing and having fun, that today I'm a bit under the weather. I want nothing more than to relax in the soft light of my living room windows, to indulge in some homemade  sweets, to read beneath a summer quilt, and to dine on sweet and special  china. However all of this is the exact opposite of what I need to accomplish today. I have lines to learn, items to purge for charity, items to sort...

{Easy to find pleasure}

Despite my aversion to summer heat, I'm finding it easy to find pleasure in  occasional dips in the pool, toes submerged in the trickle of a fountain. I like to find a brief stretch of time during which I can doze off while reading an adventurous book.  But my favorite hour, as the sun tucks slowly away casting a blue light over everything, is spent walking the pups, reflecting over the day's accomplishments, over work done marvelously. We walk languidly back home, to return to the kitchen to finish cooking the evening's meal. A meal out on the balcony, the smell of candles and water sprinklers on  warm pavement, the taste of a summer ale and fresh fish. It's pure bliss. Thank you, Roseline of This is Glamorous , for reminding me to relish in the bits of summer before it slips through our fingers. {To help Maisonette become part of a fabulous opportinity please click here: }

{Blogger's Wardrobe & the chance of a lifetime} An arbiter of style and quality, Maisonette features beautiful, inspirational, and glamorous design. Because I can find the positive and romantic aspects to anything, Maisonette's following is varied and vast. Please follow the link to: to view this amazing opportunity for Maisonette.  {Lovely Clothing links: 1. White & Red Dress: Stop Staring 2. Red Necklace:  1960s Vintage 3. Leopard Corset: Corsets by Nina Savage 4. Champagne Gloves: 1950s vintage from Wear it Again Sam 5. Violet Brocade Bustle: Jolie Goodnight Burlesque . All photos are of Jolie Goodnight.}
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