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{New Series: Miss Burlesque Style Series// featuring....}

Coco Lectric by joliegoodnight featuring rhinestone sandals Surprise surprise! A fabulous new feature, the Miss Burlesque Style Series, is the latest weekly addition. Though La Maisonette de Jolie traditionally follows the adventures of moi, those adventures wouldn't be nearly as fabulous without the stunning ladies (and men) I encounter and work with! These dazzling dames (and fellas) featured weekly inspire me, titillate me, and encourage me in all my endeavors! The first featured performer is none other than, the electrifying Coco Lectric! She's a close friend and woman dear to my heart, a woman both fierce and bold. What's not to love about that? The busiest woman I know, she's bound to need; gold headphones for her groovin' tunes, a colossal purse for her every item, sexy sunnies, and a superbly slinky leopard dress of course to wear on the plane! She has a passion for Prince, a preference of the playful (hence the boa,) and a propensity for honey s

An Extraordinary Year

Tomorrow I plan to post my goals for the New Year, however I figured in order to  look forward, it's essential that I look at all I accomplished in the past. This year  has been extraordinary in many ways. My career has taken new heights, soaring  above and beyond that which I imagined. And thank goodness it did, because the true blessings of my career have helped to balance the devestation I've felt from the  process of watching my father suffer from cancer and cancer treatments, and the extreme sadness that came from his passing. Of course, the beginning of a new year doesn't mean my greiving has subsided, however it does mean that I can begin a new chapter. That I can begin this year with a bigger, sweeter, more  thoughtful, and more caring heart. I can be grateful for each accomplishment this year in a new way. Life is truly precious, and I intend to treat it as such.
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