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{Oscars 2012 Best Dressed}

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{Jigglewatt Jubilee} Ready for sparkle, bling, and glam?

It's show time ladies and gentleman! Do you have your tickets for the most sparkly, most glam, most glittery, most blingy show of the year? (Trust me, there are a lot of rhinestones and sequins happening.) The Annual Jigglewatt Jubilee 8:00 & 10:30 showings  Spiderhouse Ballroom {And as always, fabulous links of the week} 1. Best of Liquid blushes 2. Some feminine typography 3. I can't stop watching... 4. Dapper Street Style 5. Business helpful & cute to look at!

Burlesque Style Series//Featuring:: Cha Cha Velour

Cha Cha Velour by joliegoodnight featuring zara shoes Her name says it all...she is part cha cha, part velour...quite a bit tiki and a whole lotta rawr! Though I've never seen inside her makeup bag, I can only imagine it must be filled with eye shadows galore. This sassy lady doesn't stick to the norm, wearing bold and bright on her eyes and hot bod! If you've been to her digs, you are one lucky fella, her abode is a legendary tiki haven. A perfect melange of sexy and kitsch --- she's festive, flirtatious, and warm!

Burlesque Style Series: Featuring// {Orchid Mei}

Orchid Mei by joliegoodnight featuring floral dresses This week's Miss Burlesque Style featured performer is Orchid Mei, a woman with absolutely impeccable taste. Any time she comes around the corner you are inevitably going to be impressed by her attention to detail and flawless finishing touches. Her style is deceptively simple due to clean lines and classic silhouettes. But like her burlesque performances, each moment is so thought out that you have to take notice of her cleverness. Her ensembles reflect those of the 40s, however never seeming kitsch. Like an orchid herself, always fresh, classic, & sweet --- she is perfectly polished! xo, Jolie

{Burleque Style Series//featuring: Ginger Valentine!}

Ginger Valentine by joliegoodnight featuring teardrop earrings In celebration of a fabulous Dallas Burlesque Festival weekend, our second burlesque darling featured is the queen herself, Ginger Valentine! A wonderfully effervescent woman, Ginger is a stunning vision in blue. So what items could be fit for a queen? For locks that make the entire world envious, a wild brush to keep them seriously slinky! An arbiter of writing, a blingy pen is necessary of course. (You can't expect the queen to use a basic bic can you?) Watch her perform and she'll play games with your heart, but this lovely lady plays other games as well! A deck of cards, dominoes...she's up to the task! She'll need decadent fine china to eat her hubbie's scrumptious meals. But don't expect this royalty to prove lazy, this sunshine-y lady loves to work out! She's a little bit of Ludacris, a little bit punk rock --- she's a classic lady with a modern chic twist! xo, Jolie

Lazing about

I hope you are loving lazing about enjoying football past times...I know I am!
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