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How To Birthday in Southern France

  It was a perfect birthday lunch, one fit for a princess (within romantic walls aged by time.) The perpetual foodie, I was thrilled to dine on a cassoulet served table side - crispy duck confit & toulouse sausage with haricots lingots. Afterward, strawberries served beneath a sweet fromage blanc and of course cups of cafe creme (with a delightful treat, a petite spoon, & little cubes of sugar on the side) to finish the meal.  Thank you to all of you for your sweet birthday wishes! They made my day that much brighter! xo, Jolie

Meringue in France

...Can't stop wanting to buy & eat these every where I go...

{Flowers of France}

{Sun Drenched Lady Banksia in a beautiful abundance}   {A garden rose peeking through the fence of an elderly couple enjoying their garden}   {Lemon Iris lining the Canal Midi, bending with the spring winds}    {A profusion of seemingly royal iris}   It is increasingly hard to resist coming home with bundles of flowers each day as we return to our maisonette, as spring has provided southern France with the flowers of which painters dream. Around every corner is the possibility for something beautiful - petite fleurs peeking through rock walls, vast fields of poppies bright in the sunshine - a perfecting setting for "finding a new way through the world."  xo, Jolie (PS Things are becoming quite interesting with the election of a new French president. To witness French politics in France is an experience.)

Within the walls of a French city...

Within the walls of this old fortified city, we found delightful treasures - walls of soaps with scents so divine it's difficult not to purchase each one - a freshly caught delicate piece of fish drizzled with a sauce of creamy butter, a glass of cold white wine while basking in the sun, and grandiose sweets puffed to perfection.  (To read further about the city of Aigues-Mortes, you'll have to read my future guest post on Overyonderlust, coming soon!  )  xo, Jolie

{Aigne, our little village} La France

I spent day two of my trip to France enjoying the village and the sweet surrounding area, recuperating from the long journey. Returning to our maisonette here is like returning home...a home with soft light and open shutters, open to the intoxicating smell of wild herbs, and to the view of ivy slowly covering the worn provence-blue shutters of a neighboring home.  The quiet village encourages moments of repose, with a fresh glass of  rosé and glistening strawberries just picked from the garden and sold at the market. I can't get enough of the dusky golden afternoon sun shining down on bright fields of red poppies. And I always look forward to our drive beneath the towering trees reminiscent of the peaks a cathedral.   xo, Jolie
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