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{Friday Cocktails} Delicious Recipe!

> Happy Friday Darlings! Make it a good one! xo, Jolie {Cocktail recipe found at} If you missed it, please check out my guest post on overyonderlust about my trip to France!----> Provence Market Day

{Provence Market Tips}

Undoubtedly the food market in St.Remy-de-Provence is one of the best markets in the South of France. I say this because it’s both quaint and grandiose, providing the small French market of which you always dreamed..... Undoubtedly the food market in St.Remy-de-Provence is one of the best markets in the South of France. I say this because it’s both quaint and grandiose, providing the small French market of which you always dreamed. Marvelously organized – tables are often filled with alternating fruits and vegetables creating a stunning aesthetic- and endlessly abundant, this market is undeniably charming. Ensconced within the walls of the centre-ville, you’re bound to find a stunning array of saucisse that’s been expertly crafted by men whose families have created these delights for generations. It’s a joy to fill your straw market basket with bright purple fresh garlic, asparagus so knobby and beautiful that it clearly came from someone’s little farm, t

{Card Games with the Ladies}

{ cocktail recipe } { the cards } { the book } { the dress } { the vintage ladies } Happy Friday darlings! Looking forward to a weekend with friends --cocktails, pretty dresses, delicious food at dusk -- the norm! Hopefully I'll be sneaking in a few card games while I'm at it.  {I have a few exciting announcements!} A. I've been invited to perform at the New Orleans Burlesque Festival  again this coming fall. It's one of my favorite festivals, so I'm thrilled! B. The Austin Burlesque Scene now has a twitter! If you love Austin  Burlesque (or burlesque for that matter) be a doll and follow us? follow us@ : AustinBurlesque C. The Austin Burlesque Scene now has a facebook as well, I hope you'll be a doll and "like" us! : Austin Burlesque Fan Page xo, Jolie Goodnight

{Behind the Scenes} 06.10-17.12

  While answering emails and prepping for meetings this week, I took some time to reflect on last week's wonderful endeavors -- skillful styling, fresh summer fruit, cocktails made special for me by dear (and talented) friends, gifts from travels. All of this followed by a weekend spent poolside with friends, friends who reminded me just how blessed I am to have such loving people in my life.  I hope your Tuesday is a terrific one! xo, Jolie {To follow me on instagram: follow @JolieGoodnight}  

{Burlesque Style Series} : Ruby Joule

Recently awarded "Most Classic," Ruby Joule is indeed just that -- most classic! Her style aesthetic is delightfully timeless yet done so in an old world way. She's elegant -- but never stuffy, waspy -- but not preppy, mysterious -- but always kind. She's one of my favorite women with whom I love to share a car ride { or a cocktail hour for that matter} because I'm bound to have sharp conversations about; elite families from another era, socialites, etiquette, art & grammar. Miss Joule is a (pardon the expression) gem to go to the beach with because she is sure to remain glamorous from head-to-toe, she makes no glamorous exceptions for the sea or elsewhere! ---She's the gem you'd love to polish, but who needs no further polishing, Ruby Joule!     {image: kaylin idora photography } PREVIOUS BURLESQUE STYLE SERIES:  1. Cha Cha Velour 2. Orchid Mei 3. Ginger Valentine 4. Coco Lectric IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: 1. Happy Birthda

{Current Obsession: Bows, bows bows!}

  [ images of bows: one , two , three , four , five , six , seven , eight , nine , ten , eleven , twelve ] Do you have a favorite way to wear bows? Please share by commenting! For more bow inspiration follow my Pinterest "bow" board!// bows, bows, bows! xo, Jolie { A side note: Don't forget to get your  advance tickets to the Jigglewatt Gala  this Friday! PURCHASE THEM HERE }

{Top 10 Ladies' Night Essentials}

Having an entirely girly night tonight in order to celebrate the 6th year anniversary of the Jigglewatts Burlesque Revue. Looking forward to spending some much earned {and highly anticipated} time with some of my favorite women. It will undoubetly be a night of cocktails (champagne too,) chit-chat, glitter, vintage robes, & fluffy feather pillows!  Top 10 Ladies' Night Essentials: + a cocktail ring + a silky vintage robe + a recent coveted nail polish + my travel feather pillow + light summer feather duvet + dark chocolate + a deck of playing cards + flowers (for the hostess) + magazines Previous Girly Posts: 1. Cocktails and Convo   2. Lay out a blanket   3. Soft & Sweet 4. Sparkle & Bling

{How To Add Summer Into Your Wardrobe} +Picnic Edition

  {Love being inspired by summer style? Other Maisonette Summer Style Posts: 1.  + Summer into your Wardrobe: Seashell Edition }  2. Golden Hour Inspiration   3. All the Vivid Colors 4. Summer Etiquette {Other Great Picnic Inspiration} 1. The newest issue of Matchbook Mag 2. Ready-set-Picnic! 3. Mrs. Picnic

Happy Birthday Glitter Guide!

  One of my favorite sources of inspiration is The Glitter Guide, a great site for style, design, food, travel, and glittery advice. This week they are celebrating their one year anniversary!  Above I've selected some of my favorites -- all beautiful, all well designed, and always inspirational. Happy Birthday Glitter Guide!  xo, Jolie   {A few of My Favorite Articles} 1. 1940s Hair Tutorial 2. Jill Sorensen 3. Five Things to Try This Weekend (a constant fav!) {images found: here , here , here , here , here , here , here , &  here !All images from The Glitter Guide }

{New Series:} Pretty Pinterest: Featured //melaniexeinalem

Can't get enough of Pinterest these days? Lucky for you Maisonette will be featuring some favorite Pinterest pinners. This week, it's melaniexeinalem, a pinner with unique organization, choice celeb style, a beautifully simple aesthetic, and (my favorite of course) an affinity for dachshunds. Her pin boards are easily addictive and always stylish. A great place from which to draw inspiration! melaniexeinalem {Do you have any pinners to recommend? Is yours particularly stunning? Please email: for your recommendations} * Maisonette is on Pinterest too! : *

{How to Add Summer Style into Your Wardrobe} : Seashell Edition

As we ease into June, it's hard not to be inspired by the summer pleasures that surround us. Luckily, it's easy to add summer style into your wardrobe. Today's inspiration comes from subtle seashells - the colors, the textures, the stripes & shapes. Don't be fooled by their apparent simplicity! Outfits for every occasion -- a day spent out on a boat, inspirational meetings, an evening at the theatre.   

{Make something shimmery}

     It's Monday!  {Some nice things (links) to start off your week with a calming bang!} 1. Get organized    2. Make something shimmery  3. Get Dressed  3. Create something scrumptious   xo, Jolie  [for more Monday inspiration on Maisonette (in case you missed it)] A. Good Morning Monday B. Monday Musings  C. Monday Wardrobe 

{Back in the Swing of things}

Simply trying to get my affairs in order after my lengthy (but delicious) trip to France. After all, before I departed I: 1. moved to a lovely new home - but still have many boxes left to unpack 2. competed at Viva Las Vegas - and won second runner up! 2. traveled to San Francisco - with only two days to pack for France! It's time to get back in the swing of things!  But first, a few nights spent with friends, in the balmy night air...
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