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My Top Yoga Picks {for after a long day of work}

YOGA :After Long Day of Work by joliegoodnight featuring ballet shoes adidas yoga activewear / Ecco ballet shoes / Neal s Yard body cleanser , $22 / Marimekko Unikko Pink and Red Hand Towel / Get in Gear: Gravis Yoga Bag & Mat

{Burlesque: The Acting Approach}

For those of who you are not an actor, an entertainer, or a burlesque performer (or simply a fan who loves learning about the craft) every once in a while you'll have to pardon me. Two things have come to my attention: 1. Many burlesque performers, like myself, are also stage and film actors in the traditional sense. We can apply that which we learned in theatre classes to our burlesque craft.  I'm beginning a regular post about how the two, acting technique and burlesque technique, can be used to improve one another. 2. When I tell my actor friends that I am a burlesque performer they are either very interested or give me the look that says, "Oh, the poor thing has been reduced to the lower art form." The common thread here is that people forget, burlesque is acting, and that really they know nothing about it. As burlesque performers we: Develop a character (even if that character is an extension of ourselves.) Create a storyline. Are comedians (often usi
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