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{Time in the Country}

Spending the weekend out in the country, looking forward to spreading a cotton blanket beneath the trees, and curling up with my dachshunds to read. It will be so refreshing to delve into the pages of the book that's been sitting on my bedside table, eager to be read. I'll be reading The Tiger's Wife by Tea Obreht, have you read it? What are you currently reading?  I hope you find time to read this weekend! xo, Jolie Kickstarter Countdown: 32 days left To donate, tweet, blog, or share my kickstarter: Jolie Goodnight's Kickstarter  If you'd like to interview me for your blog about my jazz album & and kickstarter, please email me! I'd love to hear from you! :   {A few weekend links I think you'll enjoy}   1. Early Autumn Style Inspiration 2. Mrs. September 3. Gold Collection

{Currently Loving} Rococo Meets Mad Men

I love when two really feminine eras can combine to create a stylish look that remains chic and wearable (well, perhaps sans the wigs it is wearable.) The idea itself is applicable to one's wardrobe:  frilly accents + a swingin' pair of shades + lace + graphic prints + full skirts + bold jewelry To view more images from this amazing editorial check out this post on: The Terrier & Lobster Blog         I hope your day is frilly & stylish! xo, Jolie

{My Very First Pin Up Photo Shoot}

While launching my kickstarter is absolutely thrilling and exciting, I feel constant butterflies about the possibilities. In order to feel a sense of fun and playfulness amidst the necessary promotions, at the advice of Ruby Joule, I've decided to share something different each time I reach a goal. Today I'm sharing my very first pin up photo shoot ever! The photos were taken by the very talented Maggie St. Thomas on a sunny day in Southern California. At that time I was focusing mostly on theatre, but was in love with retro culture! I knew after this shoot that I wanted to be a pin up girl! I had just turned 20 and was ecstatic for all the things to come. Have a lovely Monday!  xo, Jolie  If you'd like to check out my kickstarter (and perhaps even donate) go here:  Jolie Goodnight's Debut Album Kickstarter  

{Magnolia Breezes}

I'm having such a lovely time in New Orleans. I'm thoroughly enjoying the sweeping staircases, fabulous shows filled with glitz and glamour, delicious creole meals, and of course the late night parties with friendly familiar faces and new friends as well...And I of course can't get enough of the colonial style gardens, sweet scents on magnolia breezes accompanied by cheerful palm trees, and gilded iron balconies and terraces overlooking Bourbon street.

My Debut Album Kickstarter!

This year I’ve made a big push to follow my dreams. I’ve been performing, rehearsing, promoting, and traveling all in order to have the life I want to have as a jazz singer. After getting in the studio to record some great demos to learn who I am as a performer and what I want as an artist, I am now ready to record my debut album.   So, I am extremely excited to announce that today my Kickstarter is launching! Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects making it possible for friends, family, fans, and people who believe in my project to help me raise the funds needed to record an album. Recording a high quality, fabulous, great recording takes a lot of talented people and time, which requires funds. So I need your help!   It’s so important to me that I make this dream a reality. The thing about Kickstarter is, it’s an all-or-nothing deal. If I don’t raise my entire fundraising goal, I get zero, zip, nada! I would love to have your support and it would be wond

{New Orleans & Kaylin Idora}

I'm sure that many burlesque performers are feeling butterflies & excitement in anticipation for the beautiful New Orleans Burlesque Festival. Monday and Tuesday are the days for dreaming & preparing, planning & rehearsing. And after a luxurious weekend spent performing (and socializing) at the Luxe Stoneleigh Hotel , it feels as if the beginning of the week is only a brief pause before indulging in perfect evenings and gracing a beautiful stage... ...And once back in one of my favorite cities in the world, New Orleans, I'll have the pleasure of working with one of my favorite photographers while there.  What makes Kaylin's work so devastatingly gorgeous is that she is able to capture the glamour of a moment while still keeping the genuine character of the model. Sometimes glamour can feel so stifled, so stiff. However Kaylin creates art by sweeping all the charm of a person into one magical portrait that's filled with life and romance. I

{Ideas and Work}

  I apologize for the lack of Monday posting. We have been busy preparing our house and organizing the office in preparation for the coming of fall. Fall is always an exciting time for me as I consider fall to be a sort of new year. I spend time at the edge of fall and summer purging items and organizing tasks. I always look forward to these couple of weeks. It's as if the ideas and work of spring and summer were building toward the extraordinary things to come in the fall. Autumn in the season during which everything comes together. And luckily, last week was epiphany week, so I know exactly what paths to take this week.  And amidst all the productive days, I'll be sure to take moments to savor the last sun filled days of summer.  In what ways do you savor the end of summer?   xo, Jolie
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