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{Let Your Light Shine!} a wonderful list

New Year's Eve, I love it! Such a glamorous and joyful occasion filled with the pop of a champagne cork, the perpetual clinking of glasses, the dull roar of cheer in a room full of friends dressed in their wintery best. Tonight I'll be celebrating in a show { you can purchase tickets here } -- a show of live jazz, burlesque, song & dance. What better way to ring in the new? But before I do so, I'd like to take a moment to count my many blessings {you, my fans are the first counted in this list -- thank you for your love and support!} Accomplished &; Adored in 2013: {1} I released my debut album "Say Goodnight Gracey" with the help of friends, fans, & family -- album that you can listen to and purchase here if you like: "Say Goodnight Gracey" on itunes {2} Since February I produced many "Jolie Goodnight" shows, cultivating a new audience, new band members, and a new love for the courage to go chase my dreams. {3} I perf

{Wintery &Glittery New Year's Inspiration}

With what joy will you ring in the new year? Have you made sure your resolution is a happy one? Be kind to yourself this year -- make a resolution that brings a smile to your face! Cheer & Glitter xo, Jolie

Burlesque Holiday Ball {closing night}

Oh! I'm always so sentimental on closing night of a fabulous show, especially when it is a fabulous Christmas show. I feel so absolutely blessed to have been able to be a part a a wonderful cast, a jolly show, and bandleader for my darling band.  Don't miss closing night of our live band burlesque show! For Tickets: The Gibson Lounge at Maggie Mae's "Holiday Burlesque Ball" Show 10:00pm

{The Most Wonderful} time of the year!

Happy Monday darlings! Do your best to make it the most wonderful time of the year! Why not? xo, Jolie
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