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4 Easy Summer Meals

Spent the weekend with friends at our family lakehouse, a beautiful haven outside of the city -- a space for laughter with friends, counting blessings, and many meals. When not floating & dreaming in the water we cooked fantastic late spring {early summer} meals: -----------------------------  Lakehouse Meals Dinner 1: Steaks (seasoned only with s+p), baked sweet potatoes with bacon & sour cream, spinach salad with blueberries & shaved parmesean. Breakfast 1: Scrambled farm fresh eggs with left over steak with salsa & homemade guacamole, strawberries. Dinner 2: San Antonio chile seasoned fajitas, sauteed carmelized corn off the cob, with green bell peppers and onions, + corn tortillas.   Breakfast 2:  Migas (scrambled eggs, fried corn tortillas, & lots of cheese) ------------------------- Lakehouse Loves ...sleep with the sound of lapping lake waves and cicadas. ...a full day of lakeside lounging and swimming, wine, boats, strawber

Catching up}

...almost impossible to catch my breath after returning home, yet grateful for the never-ending fun that life provides. Yesterday an extravaganza of Italian groceries (and an abundance of Italian wine), fresh peach bellinis, time spent with my fairy Godmother... & Tonight a dinner at my favorite Austin restaurant with family and friends! So you can catch up with me this week: {1} Performing burlesque May 9th  {Tickets here} {2} An interview with Johnnie Goudie { here } {3} My cover of "Silver Dagger" made it on to the Top Folks Albums, Songs, Artists List! Download the song here (& tell me what you think!) { listen here } {4} A recent review of my record in Jazz Journal Magazine --- “a flowery vibrato reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe makes numbers like These Foolish Things as melt-in-your-mouth as candyfloss.” - Sally Evans-Darby, Jazz Journal Magazine" Have a beautiful Wednesday! xo, Jolie 
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