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Doxies Always Win}

I really wanted, nay needed, to get work done today, but apparently it is a stay-on-the-couch- with-weenie-dogs kind of day. These lovely little idiots. They are sick and so, in classic  doxie mama fashion --- they win. See y'all tomorrow xo, Jolie

{ Our first Saturday Jazz Social & Adventures with Ruby Joule ///

What a marvelous weekend & beginning of the week this has been! Firstly, thank you to all of you who came out to the Jigglewatts Burlesque Revue  Show and to the first Jolie Goodnight & Her Stardust Band "Saturday Social" and the East Side Showroom. Both shows were a big hit and both audiences were the top!  Secondly, thank you to all of you who voted for The Jigglewatss as the best burlesque revue in Austin! We really appreciate you!  And now for some notes: 1. I really do think our first Saturday Social was a great success! - a fun laughing, dancing, singing audience. What a joy to have made so many new friends & fans! It really felt like we went back to the 40s for a night. Please join us for our next social :: October 25th at the Satellite Bistro  & Bar. More details to come!  2. Ruby Joule and I showed up to the Austin Chronicle's Best of Austin  Party Tuesday evening in matching outfits. For those of you who get

{Autumn Playlist} Great tunes for the new season!

As the daughter of an old Austin DJ (Joe Gracey) I can't help but desire to match music to my life. Why not have a soundtrack to my daily activities? While the days slowly & gradually cool with the changing season, "the days grow short when you reach September...and the autumn weather turns leave to flame" --- I love listening to songs about falling leaves, cups of coffee, autumn weather, and the like. Assuming you too would like to have a playlist by which to enjoy your pumpkin spiced coffee and apple butter, I'm sharing my playlist with you! Note ///* I will always and forever encourage you to actually buy the music you listen to. I do understand however that times are changing and spotify &; grooveshark are great ways to discover new music (no matter how much I may resist.) With that understanding, if you find yourself loving these tunes and playing them often, please please my darling, purchase them. I am therefore including the buy link for each s

Top 10 Autumn Anticipations : No. 1 ///

In the “Letter From the Editor” of Vogue , she lists her Autumnal Anticipations, and while I fully love the idea of starting “every autumn in a new Prada coat” and “runway-side the New York collections” I realize that for many of us that is not possible and for us vintage enthusiasts not always fitting to our lifestyle. Her list entails 10 lovely anticipations, so I’ve decided to custom tailor a list for my readers (yes, you!) based roughly on her top ten with my own pin up glamorous twist! And while I initially anticipated doing the top ten all at once, my love for Autumn has caused me to need to divide this list into one anticipation per week.              No. 1 {       I’m delighted to see how many vintage repro furs are popping up all over my instagram feed. Feeling forever trapped in a DKNY style coat world, it is fantastic to find our favorite vintage repro designers are jumping on the 1940s coat bandwagon. Here are my favorites from Miss Candyfloss :   It
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