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Give the Green Light! {My Trashy Diva Choices}

Perhaps it's because I just came from Australia, where the weather is so delightful --- or maybe it's because Austin is oh-so-chilly today, or maybe it's because this Saturday I'll be celebrating New Orleans on the stage, but I can't get enough of all the green New Orleans retro company, Trashy Diva, has to offer right now! Hop over to Trashy Diva , where the grass is always greener... That little polka dot number? It comes in several different styles (ready for all body shapes!) Olive drab sunnies not your speed? That's fine, maybe a light pearly green is more your thang? Me? I want it all! Merci beaucoup trashy diva, for making me green with envy! xo, Jolie Goodnight

Oceanside in Australia

It is Summer here in Perth, so naturally I've found the time to flock to the water. Spent yesterday oceanside, eating a beautiful seafood meal, drinking wine out of a crisp sea glass colored bottle. I was delighted to find not only a wonderful seafood restaurant right on the ocean, but one with impeccable taste -- simple decor of ocean worn wooden tables, white and navy shutters, whisky navy curtains, and small bowls of pink salt. Then, after lunch, a stroll down the beach, to watch the sunset and frolic in the "gin-clean" ocean waves with Ruby. I'll be sure to post the photos we took together! For those of you in the States, shivering in the cold, just remember -- Summer will come sooner than you think! xo, Jolie Goodnight 


Welcome to Australia Maisonette readers! For a week now I've been in Perth for the Fringe Festival, joining the Jigglewatts Burlesque Revue for our "Hollywood Havana" show. It's been a week of  adventure - meeting new people, rushing from show to show, parties, and music, and giant puppets, and show biz! Each day something new, knowing that the moment I step out of the apartment, I'll be seeing something I've never seen before!  Australia is some ways is so like the United States, and in other ways totally different, and yet still a country that feels new. There is a newness here, an energy of a young people that reminds me of home.  xo, Jolie
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