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Blog Facelift : Revived to sparkle & twinkle!


     Firstly, I'd like to say that I'm ecstatic to be picking up where I left off in 2015 to begin my blog again. Secondly, pour a cocktail and click to your heart's content!...You might be wondering what caused me to do this - there are a multitude of reasons, but one of them is that I think I can help folks like me who love everything vintage; 

I'm attempting to create a sort of "field guide" to living a vintage life in a modern world. 

Take a look around at the new posts I've created with this re-creation of my blog in mind:

     Let’s be real for a moment, many of us are buried under something - too much laundry, a giant to-do list, a fridge that needs cleaning out, a social life that consists of Netflix…How often do you ask someone how they are doing and their answer is, “busy?” I’ve been guilty of this response myself and I’ve come to realize that, “busy” isn’t an answer, or at least not the answer I want to give. Shouldn’t I be responding with something more like, “splendid! I’ve been traveling a lot!” or “fabulous! My shows are becoming more and more fun every time!” In the “busy” world of today, I wonder if we’ve become so hectic that it’s come full circle to what is in fact laziness.

At the beginning of the new year I was striving for a New Year’s Resolution that would lead to a deeply satisfying life. Keep the house clean? Exercise every day? Eat better? Add bling to my costumes? Write more songs? Everything felt so non-specific and frankly, boring. They say to keep a goal it should be extremely specific, but honestly, that doesn’t really fit my personality type. I am of the idea that glamour doesn’t exists in droll specifics. I didn’t see myself spending the next year actually achieving “Meatless Mondays.” So I started to embrace the vision of the woman I had for myself; cocktail at 5pm, floating about the house in vintage robes and caftans, a vibrant social life, a beautifully set table, shows packed with an enthusiastic audience, a scrapbook filled with photos of a luxurious tour, a bedside table abundant with books I actually take the time to read…

…this woman sounds pretty fabulous doesn’t she? In that moment of daydreaming I realized I didn’t need a resolution, I needed a mantra or two. I needed something to repeat when I found myself sliding back into the doldrums of yoga pants and hulu, because yoga-pants-Jolie spends time dreading costuming, procrastinates doing social media posts and has a house that's not guest-ready. So, I created two mantras;

1. Habits = happiness
2. I AM already who I want to be.

Now, when I say habits, I don’t mean creating a schedule of boring tasks for myself. I mean, I am actively cultivating a life that is luxurious and fulfilling. If that means I have to create a very silly laundry room for myself filled with paper pineapples and lavender sachets in order for laundry to be glamorous - so be it. If I need to generate a habit of wearing a 1960s duster and matching nightgown in order to be happy - okay, will do! 

And let me be clear, I’m not striving for perfection. In fact, I’m in love with Emily Ley’s mantra, “Grace, not perfection.” 

Because I am a vintage enthusiast I began the journey of habits = happiness with scouring old etiquette books, home keeping manuals, and blogs of the lifestyle persuasion. It’s not that I want to be Susie Homemaker, but I fully recognize that fact that a pile of laundry is stressful to me. And I understand the fact that unpaid bills get worse overtime and so does my attitude. It is obvious to me that I become giddy at the sight of a well-made bed.

However, in keeping with the need for balance I also watched a bevy of classic films that are in no way practical and have nothing to do with a well-kept home. Feathers and gowns, cocktails and dancing, shiny jewelry and really beautiful coifs. In other words, if I absolutely HAVE to sit down and pay a toll bill, I may as well do it while listening to a vinyl record of Benny Goodman and while wearing a swing skirt covered in pink umbrellas…and maybe I should do it out by the pool with a glass of rose in hand. 

I’m not a fool, people in the 1940s and 1950s didn’t lead perfect lives, but I can damn well pretend they did if it aids me in living a more fabulous life, yes? It’s about turning fantasy into reality, because, well, why not? Therefore, with my blog I’ve decided to share my journey of a life fabulously lived in hopes that it can help you too - or at the very least it could be good for a laugh. I’ll be sharing vintage style ideas, social life tips, cocktails, timeless etiquette guidelines, vintage cookbook recipes with modern sensibilities, home keeping ideas, retro decor inspiration, luxurious travel tips, musical knowledge, and all the trappings of a vintage lifestyle within the setting of a modern world. 

xo, Jolie Goodnight 

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