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5 Ways to Layout Shells

5 Seashell Layouts for Decorating & Display . ..dreaming of my upcoming romp on the beach in August, of sun kissed skin, sounds of ocean waves, seafood, and Summertime...Is it August yet? Until then, it's always a treat to put my shells from past trips on display. Any place will do, bookshelves, window sills, bathroom shelves, bedside tables, etc. Or you can do as pictured below for photos and instagram layouts, putting them out haphazardly or in an organized fashion. So beautiful!  Do you have a favorite way to display your shells? I'd love to know! xo, Jolie Goodnight  Images Found: // { shells-700_700.jpg } + { 039faa74ea8758926942f36c28cb7b6a.jpg } + { 03c338a513e1d54f89bd281981a332ce.jpg } + { 7c6b643a8dde4e95e031cfb3845990ab.jpg } + { ee4a8b15bb2fe78a9dae9881598c232a.jpg } + { e1e1f3b520650f0d6ac20fcdf4455d06.jpg }
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