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Hectic Schedule; how to deal!

Starting Over in The Fall I've always loved this article from the now gone, Matchbook Magazine. For many people, Autumn brings the promise of something new. I for one, tend to think of Autumn as the actual new year! It's when I am apt to make big decisions and prepare for new changes as if I am turning over a new leaf, so-to-speak. Part of that preparation includes readying my home for the upcoming seasons. Now, I say these things, but I've come up against something usual. Every year when I come home from my annual Summer tour I take a few days to re-group. First I sleep for a day. Then I do absolutely nothing for a day except binge watch something. Next day, I clean the house, I stock the fridge, I get my plans in order, I do the laundry and unpack, I "become a person" again as I like to call it. I get my life, my home, and my career ready for me to be back. It's the ONLY way for me to regain my sanity. And then I indulge in decorating my house for

Autumn Playlist

I'll admit it, I'm a sucker for a change in season, especially the transition from Summer to Autumn. One of my favorite things to do is hop in the car, put on Autumnal tunes, grab a delicious pumpkin beverage, and visit all my favorite decor shops to see what's new for Fall. Slowly purchasing one new item per year has now left me with a beautiful collection of seasonal items, making it very easy to turn over my decor from beachy Summer vibes, to a cozy and crisp home-sweet-home. So here it is, my Autumn playlist, perfect for listening to while hitting all your favorite Fall bucket list activities! It's great while - cooking - hosting a dinner party - decorating - reading a book all kinds of Autumnal things! Enjoy! xo, Jolie Goodnight Autumn Play List: (Oh! And if you aren't yet, go ahead and follow me on Spotify for all my playlists and fun!) ---> FOLLOW ME HERE.   https://o

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes...

For many years now I've been an admirer of P ost Modern Jukebox , a group of musical geniuses who turn modern songs into vintage greats. On September 8th, they'll choose a winner for their #PMJSearch2017 and so I've put my name into the hat! Here is my entry:

1940s San Francisco

1940s San Francisco : Street Style  Each time I travel to a new city, being a woman in love with all things vintage, I can't help but wonder what the city streets looked like in the 1940s and 1950s. What was the street style like? San Francisco is a unique city, because of its famous weather. How did the wind and fog dictate street fashion? Clearly the hills might have had some influence ... Thus far I've noticed the photos indicate two options: summer attire or completely bundled up in autumn fabrics. Sounds about right to me as during my visit here I've bounced from summer dress to sweater and scarf daily. In my research I've found most women wore hats and I can't help but think that many many bobby pins were harmed in the wearing of hats in this blustery land. Today I'm venturing off into the city again, only this time to visit the Golden Gate Bridge. Hopefully I'll come away with something as fabulously iconic as history's ba
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