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The Coolest Tropical Summer Decor This Year (& List of Ways to Add it to Your Space)

The Coolest Tropical Summer Decor This Year(& List of 10 Ways to Add it to Your Space)
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The end of May is near and that means one's almost time for summer decor! I've always been a huge huge fan of rotating my decor with the seasons and summer is no exception. One of my major Summer Decor tendencies is tiki, which means a lot of sense since I was Miss Tiki Oasis 2015, and I've attended Tiki Oasis for the past billion years! 

It's been incredible to see tiki become popular again recently. Before last year, tiki was buried deeply in the cult following of those of us who have an obsession with the retro nostalgia. I've always been in love with the vibrant colors, the cheeky prints, and the spirit of fun that tiki and tropical provide. And though to…
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