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The Coolest Tropical Summer Decor This Year (& List of Ways to Add it to Your Space)

The Coolest Tropical Summer Decor This Year

(& List of 10 Ways to Add it to Your Space)

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The end of May is near and that means one's almost time for summer decor! I've always been a huge huge fan of rotating my decor with the seasons and summer is no exception. One of my major Summer Decor tendencies is tiki, which means a lot of sense since I was Miss Tiki Oasis 2015, and I've attended Tiki Oasis for the past billion years! 

It's been incredible to see tiki become popular again recently. Before last year, tiki was buried deeply in the cult following of those of us who have an obsession with the retro nostalgia. I've always been in love with the vibrant colors, the cheeky prints, and the spirit of fun that tiki and tropical provide. And though to us tikiphiles the nostalgic decor was always dripping in retro vibes, it was once a very popular way to decorate - not really seen as overdone or necessarily cheeky!

It has once again appeared in popular culture, this time with perhaps cleaner lines and more understated combinations of patterns. Though, I suppose that depends on who is doing the decorating! It's taken on a bit of the boho chic feeling, which is fine by me! Perhaps a result of the Palm Springs influence, this new take on tiki is less layered, but more palatable for the everyday consumer. 

Or, even if you are wanting to achieve the more old school way of tiki - epic layers of fabrics, tiki mugs, masks, paintings, rugs, rattan, peacock chairs, princess chairs, deep lighting, and nautical delights - the modern collections available today are a great place to start. (Especially if vintage furniture prices are not in your budget. Even though I have an extensive collection of tiki items and furniture, I still love to add in new pieces now and then, especially when they are budget friendly.) 

This year Target has an incredible array of retro vibed furniture - wicker, rattan with clean lines happening in chairs, love seats, dining tables, side tables, couches, coffee tables, and other outdoor needs! You can either purchase the collections as a whole or mix and match, a really great option if you already have some vintage pieces and want to mix them in together. 

They also have some really fabulous accessories; pillows, throws, seat covers, napkins and other linens in super fun patterns. They range anywhere from tropical to 60s chic and are really easily mixed and matched! 

What's extra cool about these collections is that they not only add fun to your space, but they make for a fun life! What better than a defined space for enjoying tiki drinks with friends, for reading your fav new summer book, perusing through that latest magazine to hit your mailbox, to scroll through instagram, to share a summer meal with someone, to enjoy the view of the pool, to prop your feet up and enjoy your latest pedicure? 

What’s more is if you don’t have much room for outdoor furniture, or any for that matter, you can always take things inside! Who says outdoor furniture can’t be enjoyed indoors as well? Some spaces are just begging for that retro upgrade and this is a really cool way to do it. And since the textiles are meant for outdoors, you’ll feel less panicked a that spilled tiki drink, or whatever that is your pet brought in, or your wet bathing suit you’re just not ready to get out of. 

10 Ways to Add Tropical Vibes to Your Space This Season
  1. Try wild & bold patterns
  2. Animals add a dose of fun!
  3. Furniture with retro lines is key
  4. Mix and match your linens
  5. Tropical Plants
  6. Layer your lighting
  7. Color, color, color!
  8. Tassels for joy!
  9. Throw pillows with texture
  10. A tray with rum & glassware or mugs!

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