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New Orleans French Quarter Places You Have to Visit

NEW ORLEANS FRENCH QUARTER PLACES YOU HAVE TO VISIT! *Bonjour! My content contains affiliate links for products I either use, love, or find interesting or pertinent! If you take action on any of the links I might earn some money to support my music and performing!* Bienvenue to the French Quarter, an American district that’s famous for indulgent food, the sound of jazz music floating on the air, street artists, old world architecture, and a spirit that’s so soulful you’ll be a different person when you leave! A rich melting-pot of cultures, but with an especially French influence, this Creole and often Cajun city is so full of activities it’s almost impossible to name them all.  New Orleans is mysterious and downright spooky at times, but it’s also a city that feels like it is in constant celebration of something…life in general, perhaps? And while there are a million lists folks have complied of things to do in the French Quarter, this is my list of a few bonafide favs.  Maybe
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